Run AI-Enabled Workflows On Slack


Run AI-Enabled Workflows On Slack

AI-Enabled Workflows


We’re all familiar with the promise of AI. It transforms entire industries overnight. At Intwixt, we see an opportunity to transform enterprise workflow.

It’s a new approach that unifies people and AI directly within Slack, delivering unmatched agility and adaptability.


Learning Baked In


Complex business processes are anything but predictable. Eventually, the AI encounters uncharted paths.

Intwixt’s ability to train the AI directly within Slack ensures the most up-to-date, adaptive system. (We model both attended and unattended learning for maximum flexibility.)

Over time, AI-enabled processes require less input, freeing up employees for more complex tasks.


All right in Slack


Messaging channels like Slack are the new home for the digital workforce, and Intwixt takes advantage by running workflows directly in-channel. All user roles are orchestrated alongside AI-enabled services.

It’s no-fuss, no-install workflow on a platform your employees (and customers) already know and use.


What’s your Use case?

We’re pluggable by design, allowing you to connect any API into our learning system. Start small by connecting a cloud-native service you already use or integrate your own APIs.


Deployment Options

Intwixt is a cloud-hosted service requiring no installation or maintenance. We offer two deployment options.

Community Edition

The public Intwixt instance runs on AWS in the US East-1 availability zone. We provide an HTML5 Web application for designing and monitoring flows at along with interactive REST APIs (Open API v 2.0). We integrate with existing CI/CD processes, and connect to AWS Cloud Watch and Kibana for realtime process analysis.

Private Deployment/s

If you require a private instance of the Intwixt orchestration server, contact us at for pricing and deployment options. Private instances can be deployed to over 20 different AWS availability zones globally and can be mapped to an Internet domain of your choosing.

Consulting Services


We are an AWS Partner specializing in Amazon Alexa and AWS Lambda. We can train your teams, do the work, or a little of both.

Please let us know how we can help you get the most from your favorite messaging channel!


We offer 1- and 3-day training sessions. The 1-day course addresses integration principles and includes hands-on instruction in design and deployment. We’ll create a working solution using a messaging channel of your choice.

The 3-day course covers how to use the REST APIs for fully automated CI/CD. Learn how to connect AWS Cloud Watch and Kibana for realtime event stream analysis.


We can engineer solutions entirely on your behalf or we can work alongside your development team. Our HTML5 Web app is designed with teams in mind, allowing you to create robust deployments that match how your teams work.


We provide realtime integration with AWS Cloud Watch and Kibana. We can monitor deployments on your behalf, alerting you when certain conditions are met, or handle issues entirely on your behalf.


A solution is never truly “complete”, because the world is always changing around it. We can help you maintain live deployments without service interruption, training you to do the work or doing the work on your behalf.