Run AI-Enabled Workflows On Slack

Design and run conversational business processes on your favorite messaging app.

  • "By 2025, channels will replace email as the primary means of communication. Slack will be leveraged for new revenue opportunities and efficiency gains, while leveraging existing investments in business processes and rules." - VP of Product, Slack -
  • "The distinction between workflow and business process becomes very important when trying to achieve a specific goal - like improving efficiency." - Founder, TallyFly -
  • "Slack has the potential to morph from being solely a workchat and collaboration tool to being a new type of business process management platform." - Mark Boyd, The New Stack -
  • "AI-powered solutions for business process automation orchestrate work to produce business outcomes that go far beyond typical process performance results." - BPMOnline, AI for BPM -
  • "AI-models make predictions around business processes to accelerate transformation." - Gartner -
  • "Business process management involves designing processes, executing them across systems and people, managing tasks and workflows, and optimizing it all continually." - Founder, TallyFly -
  • "Model-driven development allows users to program on a higher abstraction level and captures domain knowledge and bridges the gap between business and IT." - The Enterprise Architect, Building an Agile Enterprise -
  • "Slack is where and how work gets done. Messaging apps like Slack are becoming the de-facto standard for the enterprise." - VP of Product, Slack -

Intelligent Business Process Automation

with Intwixt's Conversational Automation Platform


Our conversation platform combines people and systems in hybrid solutions that reflect real-world business processes. People can be unpredictable, sending unanticipated phrases (or nothing at all). We react and learn to keep the process flowing. We enable more than just task management and workflow integration. Our ability to turn any messaging app into a business process engine means no more switching between applications. Slack, Alexa, Messenger and more...we keep you productive, all in one place.



We seamlessly integrate AI to sense, respond, predict, and learn to further refine business process automation. AI enhances our rule-based workflows and business processes, making end-user interactions more fluid and flexible. The insights don't replace human interaction; they make it better. By taking previous experiences into consideration, AI ultimately improves and accelerates process execution. Leveraging AI to transform business processes is an essential part of effective Digital Transformation.



Our stateful engine enables long-running solutions that reflect how people interact with systems over time. Stateful processes are intended to support business scenarios that involve people and therefore have different demands, requiring complex, long-running logic. Stateful processes often have specific reliability and recovery requirements that simply can’t be modeled by stateless solutions. For example, a process that sends a question to a person and awaits a response must be stateful, because the act of waiting and being able to recover and continue execution will always take an indeterminate amount of time.



Our model-based approach is capable of executing mission critical processes, yet intuitive enough for business users to grasp. Manage software complexity, improve quality, and reduce development cost in a high-productivity Platform-as-a-Service environment. Our declarative application construction and highly-scalable environment integrate and enhance your workflows and business processes.

Unify your Business Processes in Slack

Sample Use Cases Built with Intwixt

Intwixt DocFlow

Deliver document workflows that move beyond simple approvals. Handle rejections, exceptions, timeouts and more—all with unmatched transparency. As the document moves through workflow all users are updated in real time in Slack, while Box versioning, task assignment, and access controls provide secure and auditable document access.

Intwixt DealFlow

Deliver AI-enabled customer journeys that keep your sales teams productive and your sales managers informed. Merge sales information directly in Slack from CRM systems like HubSpot and data enrichment systems like Intercom. With artificial intelligence (AI) baked-in, gain insight into people and processes you might otherwise overlook.

More Than Just Slack

More than Just Slack

Slack's expansive APIs and rich interactive messages make it our favorite choice for deploying conversational apps. But nothing is more important than reaching your audience. Deploy multi-channel solutions on the channels your teams already know and use, including Alexa, SMS, Messenger and more.

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