Do you offer enterprise deployments

The public Intwixt community edition runs on AWS in the US East region. If you require a private instance with specific configuration, contact us at for pricing and deployment options.

Do you support conditions

Yes, flows can branch conditionally. The grouping statements, "any of" and "all of", may be used to construct multi-faceted conditions spanning multiple upstream activities. Error states may also be tracked as conditions, allowing for different error pathways to be explicitly handled and resolved.

Are flows stateful

Yes. When a flow is run (we call this a "job"), the information that is generated by each activity in the flow is persisted as long as necessary for the job to complete. A job may run for a few milliseconds or it may run for a week. During this time the data is fully managed by Intwixt and is available to pass to other downstream activities.

State is important when orchestrating people. For example, a job with activities that ask questions over SMS might take an hour to complete if the person is slow to respond. During this time, we retain all activity data, ensuring that when the person eventually responds, the flow resumes without interruption.

Can I share data between activities

We provide a data mapper that allows you to connect and transform data from upstream activities as the flow is run. It is possible to combine the output from multiple upstream activities and map into a single input.

Can a flow call another flow

The workflows you design are composable by default. For larger applications, it is common for users to create flows that serve as reusable modules. 

Does Intwixt have a REST API

All Intwixt capabilities and features are available through our REST API. Flows can be created and activated. Jobs can be run, and job data can be queried in real-time. Register for an account for full access to the interactive Swagger (Open API) documentation.

How do you charge for services

Intwixt provides a hosted community edition of the platform at We offer each user a free app instance with a limited number of resources and activity calls. If you need additional resources beyond what the free tier offers, you can upgrade your your trial app to a production app.

How do I provide payment

If you wish to move your app to production or purchase activity calls (beyond the initial set we grant you each month), we need a credit card and a maximum monthly budget.

How do you secure my credentials

As an integration platform, we orchestrate services on your behalf. This requires that we handle your credentials. We encrypt all stored credentials at rest and in transit and encourage users to set up two-factor authentication to keep their account secure.

What is Intwixt

Intwixt turns messaging apps like Slack into enterprise workflow solutions. It’s no-fuss, no-install enterprise workflow delivered from the cloud. Customers use our visual tools to weave users and systems into highly intuitive workflows. We then run these solutions at scale on our AI-enabled engine, learning from each interaction. Over time the system evolves to recommend improvements to future workflows, increasing everything from accuracy to usability.

It’s a new vision for enterprise workflow, all delivered atop the messaging channels that employees and customers already know and use. 

Is Intwixt extensible

Yes, that's our major value! We connect the APIs and cloud functions you already use and turn them into workflows that can be deployed to messaging apps like Slack. We do provide several dozen connectors out-of-the-box to help get users get started, but the real value of Intwixt over time is to orchestrate your services.

Can I orchestrate private APIs

If you have the URL for the API spec document (Open API/Swagger 2.0), we can import the API and add its operations to the platform. You can then use our visual tools to design flows that orchestrate the API, sharing and mapping data as necessary with other activities. If you do not have a spec document, we can also use sample JSON messages.

Can I orchestrate cloud functions

We provide deep integration with AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions. Once you authorize us to act on your behalf, our visual tools can resolve your function signature by parsing the JSDocs that you author in-line within your function code. For all other cloud function vendors, we provide HTTP-based integration. Provide the URL, HTTP method, and sample JSON messages, and we'll take care of the rest. 

Do you publish real-time events

We publish a detailed set of life-cycle events to CloudWatch when your application is activated and run, allowing you to set custom triggers or forward the events to an analytics engine of your choosing. These include:

App Life-cycle Events

App Start | Credential in Use | App Stop

Flow Life-cycle Events

Flow Activate | Activity Initialize | Trigger Initialize | Trigger Destroy | Flow Deactivate

Job Life-cycle Events

Job Start | Job Stop | Job Stop With Error

Activity Life-cycle Events

Activity Start | Activity in Waiting | Activity Retry | Activity Stop | Activity Stop With Error

Can I trigger my flows over HTTP

Any flow can be exposed using an HTTP trigger which we manage on your behalf. You configure the HTTP method (GET, POST, etc), path and other standard settings. When you activate your flow, we generate your HTTP spec documentation (Open API format) and maintain and secure the endpoint. When you deactivate a flow with an HTTP trigger, we shut down the route and regenerate the HTTP spec documentation to no longer include the cancelled route(s).