Our Story

We’ve spent over a decade designing enterprise integration platforms. During this time, we worked for the same company in the same building but never formally met. When we finally had a chance to talk, we realized the other was holding a piece to a puzzle we both wanted to solve. The time was right to reimagine enterprise-grade software and deliver the same usability expected of consumer apps.

Enterprise software is weighed down with complicated tools and models. This isn’t by accident given the challenging work. We agreed that if we could deliver enterprise-class integration that required nothing more than a thumb and a smartphone, we would have the tools necessary to build the next wave of software, namely chatbots and conversational apps.


Who we are


Luke Birdeau, CO-FOUNDER


I've worked as an author, architect and entrepreneur. But my greatest love is solving complex problems with elegant software. I hold a patent in Ajax and Single Page Applications.


Sabin Ielceanu, CO-FOUNDER

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I'm a principal global architect with 15 years of experience designing and implementing enterprise integration software used by Global 2000 all around the world. I hold a patent in visual modeling design and another in XML modularization and processing.




So upfront, I don't have any school or work experience. Don't judge me.  I can do a few things very well such as register new users, collect payments, and answer questions about Intwixt. Come chat me up when you get a chance.

To get a feel for the types of bots you can build with Intwixt, sign up using our Messenger Bot (which is built using Intwixt). He handles payments, passwords, and even includes a fully functional bot designer to help you build bots of your own right within Messenger. Begin by opening your Messenger app and searching for Intwixt or scan the above code.