How-To Videos

Lambda: Multi-step Flows

Create a multi-step flow that passes information between multiple Lambda Functions and a RESTful API (Twilio).

Lambda: Hello World

Import a Lambda function. Connect and orchestrate the function.

Lambda: Inputs, Outputs and Versions

Define the function signature and map function input. Update the signature across function versions. Connect and run two versions of the same function.

Alexa: Extend a Template

Import an Alexa app using a prebuilt template. Activate the app and converse with Alexa. Make changes to the app and extend functionality - all from a mobile phone.

Messenger: Chatbot 1 of 3

Build a retail chatbot running on Facebook Messenger. Shows how to create quick replies, determine identity, and use the carousel (video 1 of 3).

Messenger: Chatbot 2 of 3

Extend the retail chatbot. Shows how to integrate payments using Square (video 2 of 3).

Messenger: Chatbot 3 of 3

Extend the retail chatbot. Shows how to implement decision branching, location awareness, and provide driving directions to customers (video 3 of 3).

Twitter: On-the-fly Bot

Build a Twitter bot on the fly to better engage your followers when unexpected events affect them.

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