Build a Messenger chatbot with Intwixt. This example showcases a variety of chatbot interaction patterns including categorical search, fuzzy search, quick replies, secure payments, receipt generation, customer survey, and embedded e-commerce.

Build a retail chatbot running on Facebook Messenger. Shows how to create quick replies, determine identity, and use the carousel (video 1 of 3).

Extend the retail chatbot. Shows how to integrate payments using Square (video 2 of 3).

Extend the retail chatbot. Shows how to implement decision branching, location awareness, and provide driving directions to customers (video 3 of 3).

Build a Twitter bot on the fly to better engage your followers when unexpected events affect them.


To get a feel for the types of bots you can build with Intwixt, sign up using our Messenger Bot (which is built using Intwixt). He handles payments, passwords, and even includes a fully functional bot designer to help you build bots of your own right within Messenger. Begin by opening your Messenger app and searching for Intwixt or scan the above code.