• “50% of sales go to the vendors that respond first. The average response time for all leads is 42 hours. ” - Harvard Business Review -

Intwixt DealFlow

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DealFlow delivers high-speed lead qualification directly in Slack helping you take advantage of the 5-minute window.

Each time a new lead is registered in your CRM system, DealFlow orchestrates the process, showing relevant CRM data and the option to enrich it with data from other systems.

Integrating sales and marketing data directly in Slack facilitates quick lead qualification and uptake. Sales reps claim leads and take ownership instantly, while sales managers stay up-to-date through their respective sales channels. Importantly, managers are alerted to take action, and can intervene when self-selection isn't made within the designated time frame.

Built using Intwixt’s Conversational Automation Platform (CAP), DealFlow accelerates lead qualification using a combination of AI and NLP (Natural Language Processing). By continually learning from each closed deal, DealFlow makes increasingly accurate predictions, recommending the best-suited sales rep to take ownership of incoming leads.

Every organization is unique. Those enterprises needing even greater customization can leverage Intwixt's modular, pluggable platform to re-configure DealFlow to match their specific company needs. With our model-driven, no-code, visual approach, even business users can customize the experience to meet exacting needs.

This version of DealFlow is configured for HubSpot CRM and the data enrichment and engagement system, Intercom (optional). Please contact us to discuss other options. contact@intwixt.com 650-209-4216

Watch the Demo

Watch the Demo

Deliver AI-enabled customer journeys that keep your sales teams productive and your sales managers informed. Merge sales information directly in Slack from CRM systems like HubSpot and data enrichment systems like Intercom. With artificial intelligence (AI) baked-in, gain insight into people and processes you might otherwise overlook.

Getting Started

DealFlow organizes users according to the following 5 roles: Installer, Administrator, Sales Rep, Sales Manager and Owner.


The installer is the individual who installs DealFlow to the Slack workspace. This must be a team member who is authorized to install Slack apps. Click the Add to Slack button if you wish to serve in this role.

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Administrators are responsible for configuring DealFlow. Administrators can add and remove other administrators.

A key aspect of the administrator role is granting access to the team's CRM and data enrichment accounts, allowing DealFlow to monitor key events and make updates on their behalf. Administrators are also responsible for designating which Slack channels should be used for sales reps and sales managers when routing incoming leads and escalating unclaimed leads.

Sales Reps

Sales reps are those team members responsible for claiming and taking ownership of new leads. They must belong to the Slack channel designated by the administrator for handling new leads. When new leads are generated without ownership and with association to a company, sales reps are notified to claim them in Slack. Unclaimed leads are escalated to sales managers after the specified time frame has been exceeded.

Sales Managers

Sales managers are responsible for triaging unclaimed leads. They must belong to the Slack channel designated by the administrator for managing unclaimed leads. Each time a lead is unclaimed, DealFlow's AI-backed engine will analyze past interactions and make an initial prediction, recommending the sales rep best suited to take ownership of the new lead. Sales managers may assign the lead to the recommended individual or may override the AI-based recommendation, further training the AI engine to make better predictions in the future.


The owner is the Slack team member who is responsible for providing payment details if your team chooses to upgrade to a paid plan. There is no need to upgrade if your team receives fewer than 20 new leads each month. Refer to the DealFlow Pricing page for more information on plans and prices.


How many new leads can I process each month in Slack?

Your team can process up to 20 new leads each month using DealFlow's free tier. This includes the initial "new lead" event which gets routed to the sales rep Slack channel. Sales reps may augment the lead directly in Slack, gathering additional information from data enrichment systems like Intercom (if configured). To run at scale beyond 20 new leads each month, please visit the DealFlow Pricing page or contact us directly.

contact@intwixt.com  |  650-209-4216

How much does it cost to upgrade if I need more resources?

Teams are assigned to the free Intro Plan when DealFlow is first installed to their Slack workspace. If you need to run more flows than the 20 granted each month, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans. The Standard Plan is priced according to the number of Slack team members who will need access to DealFlow. Check out our Enterprise Plan if you're interested in your own customized instance, volume pricing, or require specific support options. Refer to the DealFlow Pricing page for more detail.

If you're the individual responsible for software subscriptions in your organization, enter the /dealflow-admin billing slash command to initiate the payment process or update an existing subscription.

How many sales reps and sales managers can we have?

DealFlow's free Intro Plan allows unlimited reps and managers. We limit usage on the Intro Plan by limiting the total number of new leads that can be processed by your team in any given month (20).

The paid Standard Plan is priced according to the number of sales reps and sales managers you'd like to use DealFlow. If you'd like to have 8 reps and 2 managers, then you'll be billed for 10 total users. There is no limit to the number of new leads you can process each month once you upgrade to a paid plan. If you need custom pricing or wish to know more, please refer to the DealFlow Pricing page.

Is an Intercom account required to use DealFlow?

When DealFlow is first installed, we prompt you to choose whether or not to include a data enrichment system (Intercom). If you enable this setting, we'll add an additional field to each incoming lead, enabling you to enrich its content. If you choose to suppress this setting, this feature will be hidden from view and all data enrichment brought into Slack will come solely from HubSpot. If you need additional customization, please reach out to contact@intwixt.com, and let us help you design a solution that matches how you work.

Is a HubSpot account required to use DealFlow?

DealFlow is built atop Intwixt, a modular, no-code process automation platform. While DealFlow is configured by default to connect with the CRM system, HubSpot, it can be connected to any CRM system. Please reach out to contact@intwixt.com, and let us help you design a solution that includes your particular CRM.

Do you share information with outside parties?

No, never, and not at all. It’s our intent to efficiently orchestrate incoming leads, call the necessary CRM and other system APIs, and then delete all traces of the transaction from our servers once the process completes. Our company (Intwixt) designs business process apps that run atop Slack. We built DealFlow to showcase our abilities as a general orchestration platform. We hope you love DealFlow, but we really hope you love Intwixt!

Does HubSpot require additional configuration to work with DealFlow?

DealFlow requires your authorization to connect your team's HubSpot instance and will prompt you to grant access when first installed. Once authorization is granted, DealFlow can listen to key events and take action as necessary on your behalf. This is typically all that is required to handle all interactions from Slack. Here are a few recommendations we also find useful.

Contacts Need a Company | DealFlow is designed to show detailed company information when it routes new, unclaimed leads to Slack. To ensure your leads expose the necessary information, remember to enable the setting, Automatically create and associate companies with contacts. This setting is located under the HubSpot settings category, Contacts & Companies, and helps lead qualification by providing detailed profile information directly in Slack.

Ownership Drives the Process | DealFlow will only route new leads to Slack if they do not have an owner and can be associated with a company. This is also true for existing leads. If an existing lead does not have an owner and the Lifecycle Stage is changed, it too will be routed to Slack.

Duplicates Sometimes Happen | DealFlow automatically routes unclaimed HubSpot leads to Slack. Unfortunately, HubSpot can sometimes send duplicate events resulting in the same lead being listed multiple times in Slack. We find it helps to de-dupe data before bulk uploading to HubSpot, but duplicates can still happen. DealFlow will do its best to handle these situations by alerting you when sales reps claim a lead that already has an owner or when managers assign a lead that likewise has an owner. As a matter of policy, DealFlow will never change the owner for a lead that already has an owner.

Channel Membership Drives Assignments | When sales managers attempt to assign an unclaimed lead, the list of possible sales reps who may be assigned is driven solely by who is a member of the Slack sales rep channel. Only those Slack team members who are a member of the sales rep channel can be assigned a lead. Further, even if a user is a member of the sales rep Slack channel, the assignment may still fail if the user's HubSpot email does not match their Slack email. When this happens, DealFlow will alert both the sales manager and the sales rep to update the HubSpot email to match the one used by Slack.

What private information do you keep on your servers?

We save the Slack Team ID and the Slack user ID for the DealFlow administrator(s) and the DealFlow installer. We also track the number of approval flows run each month in aggregate by your team. For paid accounts we track the Slack ID for the owner along with the Slack ID for all users approved to use DealFlow. As an orchestration platform, we temporarily store the data that is transported through our system; however, all process data is fully scrubbed from our servers within 30 minutes of a new lead being claimed or assigned.

Our integrated AI service (used to predict which sales rep is the best match to own a new lead) is trained each time a deal successfully closes. Training includes facets such as industry, region, company size, etc. The more facets used to train the AI, the more accurate the prediction. These facets are determined in part by what is provided by your team's connected CRM account.

How do I uninstall DealFlow?

DealFlow subscribes to the App Uninstalled event. Once you uninstall the DealFlow app according to Slack's instructions, we will fully remove all information associated with your team and workspace, including your authorization to access your CRM system (HubSpot) and data enrichment system (Intercom).

Slash Commands

Configure DealFlow*

/dealflow-admin setup

Authorize access to the target CRM (HubSpot) and optional data enrichment system (Intercom); choose Slack directories for sales managers and sales reps; and configure new lead escalation times.

Reset DealFlow*

/dealflow-admin reset

Remove all configuration including authorization grants to access third-party systems. These system include the target CRM (HubSpot) and supporting data enrichment system if enabled (Intercom).

Set Escalation Timeout*

/dealflow-admin set-timeout

Sets how long to wait before escalating unclaimed leads to the sales manager Slack channel.

Add DealFlow Admin*

/dealflow-admin add-admin

Add a DealFlow administrator.

Remove DealFlow Admin*

/dealflow-admin remove-admin

Remove a DealFlow administrator.

Manage Payment**

/dealflow-admin billing

DealFlow is free to use and grants a limited set of free resources each month. If you need to run at scale, a member of your team (the DealFlow owner) can choose to provide payment information. The owner can also use this slash command to change subscription details (e.g, the number of users) and update payment information (e.g., update card details).

Get Recent Unassigned Leads

/dealflow leads

DealFlow routes new, unclaimed leads directly to Slack, keeping sales reps and sales managers notified in real-time. This push-based approach works well most of the time. But there are times when users need to pull the latest information. When a stream of new leads are sent to Slack when the sales rep is out-of-pocket, it can be difficult to get a clear accounting of the most recent leads. Members of the sales rep or sales manager Slack channels may issue this command to view a paginated list of the most recent leads. Reps may claim leads while managers may assign them.

DealFlow Help

/dealflow help

Get help for using DealFlow. Directs the user to this Web page.

DealFlow Feedback

/dealflow feedback

Share your thoughts and tell us about the features you'd like to see in future releases.

List DealFlow Admins

/dealflow list-admins

Show the list of team members allowed to configure and setup DealFlow. Anyone belonging to this list may add and remove other administrators.

*This command is only available to DealFlow administrators.
**This command is only available to the DealFlow owner.

NLP (Plain Text) Commands

Ask questions about HubSpot customers and leads directly in Slack.

Audit new leads:

How many new leads came in {today | this week | this month}?

Get recent unassigned leads:

Show unassigned leads.

Other Activities

Uninstall DealFlow

DealFlow subscribes to the App Uninstalled event. Once you uninstall the DealFlow app according to Slack's instructions, we will fully remove all information associated with your team and workspace

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