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Clever Sheets adds the power of AI/ML to any spreadsheet, helping you resolve missing data, efficiently and accurately. Get started by installing the Slack app and uploading a Google Sheets document. (Excel is soon to follow!)

When you share a spreadsheet, we'll start by asking you a few questions, including which worksheet to target and which columns to scan for missing values. If we find an empty cell, we'll use our ML-backed service to predict the most likely value based upon existing spreadsheet data. The larger your spreadsheet, the more accurate the prediction.

You can configure the confidence level for the service, establishing a minimum threshold for making predictions and inserting values. In cases where we're too unsure, we'll leave it empty.

Experience the power of AI without costly setup or training!

Upload any spreadsheet

Upload any Spreadsheet

Clever Sheets delivers the power of AI/ML without complicated or costly setup. If you have a spreadsheet with missing data, upload it to the Clever Sheets Slack app to get started. We'll augment your data using, a technology company focused on approachable AI solutions.

Configure the AI Engine

Clever Sheets analyzes the relationships in your data set to make predictions about missing values. Begin by choosing which columns to update, which to ignore, and how confident the engine should be when inserting predicted values.

Configure the AI Engine

Rinse and Repeat

Rinse and Repeat

Take some time and review your updated worksheet. Green is used for confident predictions, while red is used when confidence is lacking. Add rows and columns and try again. The more data, the more accurate the prediction.

Getting Started

Clever Sheets organizes users according to the following 2 roles: Installer and Submitter


The installer is the individual who installs Clever Sheets to the Slack workspace. This must be a team member who is authorized to install Slack apps.

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Submitters are the Slack team members who upload a spreadsheet. Once a submitter uploads a document to the Clever Sheets app, they will be prompted to configure some basic information about the spreadsheet, including how confident the AI engine should be when predicting and inserting missing values. We always clone the target worksheet before making modifications, allowing you to tune, adjust, and re-run predictions.


What is the maximum document size allowed?

We limit the number of sheets per user to 5. Spreadsheets must be less than 1MB, have no more than 24 columns, and nor more than 1000 rows. Please reach out to if you require higher limits.

How many spreadsheets may I submit?

Clever Sheets is free to use at this time. We do not limit the number of spreadsheets you may submit and analyze.

Will you modify my original spreadsheet?

Any time you upload a spreadsheet, we'll prompt you to specify which worksheet to target. We then clone the worksheet, leaving the original sheet untouched. As we analyze each row, we update empty cells in the cloned sheet and leave all other sheets untouched. At the conclusion of the analysis, your spreadsheet will include one new, cloned sheet along with all predicted values.

Can I re-submit a spreadsheet?

The power of AI is the power to learn. When you go to your Slack app dashboard for Clever Sheets, you'll see a list of spreadsheets you've uploaded in the past. Choose which one to re-run and optionally update the configuration (e.g., change the confidence level for the AI prediction engine). We'll clone the source sheet once again and generate a new set of augmented results. If you added rows or columns to the spreadsheet since it was last parsed, the AI engine will take advantage of the extra data and provide even better predictions.

Can I set a minimum confidence threshold?

You can set a minimum confidence level for the AI engine when it parses your data. For example, you can specify that the AI engine be at least 80% confident in its prediction before automatically inserting a value.

Can I limit which columns are modified?

Yes. Once you upload a spreadsheet and choose the worksheet to target, we clone the target sheet and perform an initial analysis of its columns. You can choose to ignore any column listed. Only those columns you authorize will be updated with predicted values.

How can I tell predicted and existing values apart?

Each time we insert a value into a cloned sheet, we use different background colors to denote supplemental information about the value. If it's green, the AI was very confident in its answer. Red if not. Colors that fall between red and green denote a somewhat-confident prediction.

What private information do you keep on your servers?

We save your Slack Team ID and the Slack user ID for the Clever Sheets installer for your team. We also track the number of spreadsheets converted by team members. Prediction support is provided by, an AI technology company based in Europe. Please visit them for more information about the range of AI services they offer.

Do you share information with outside parties?

No, never, and not at all. It’s our intent to efficiently parse your Spreadsheet, call the necessary prediction APIs, and then delete all traces of the transaction from our servers once the process completes. Our company (Intwixt) designs business process apps that run atop Slack. We built Clever Sheets to showcase our abilities as a general orchestration platform. We hope you love Clever Sheets, but we really hope you love Intwixt!

How do I uninstall Clever Sheets?

Clever Sheets subscribes to the App Uninstalled event. Once you uninstall the Clever Sheets app according to Slack's instructions, we will fully remove all information associated with your team and workspace, including your authorization to read Google Sheets on your behalf.

Slash Commands

Revoke Authorization

/cleversheets revoke

The authorization grant to read and update Google Sheets will be removed. All user account information will be deleted. No other team member will be affected by this command.

Clever Sheets Help

/cleversheets help

Get help for using Clever Sheets. Directs the user to this Web page.

Other Activities

Submit Document

Upload a google sheet to slack by clicking the paperclip icon near the bottom of the message window. We'll prompt you to choose a spreadsheet and then guide you through the document setup process. Once we get your final input, we'll start predicting values, prompting you as necessary if we aren't confident enough.

Resubmit Document

Visit the application dashbaord for Clever Sheets for a full list of all spreadsheets you've parsed before. Choose any you wish to reparse. If you've added columns and rows, that's great. Hopefully, the predictions will be even better this time around!

Uninstall Clever Sheets

Clever Sheets subscribes to the App Uninstalled event. Once you uninstall the Clever Sheets app according to Slack's instructions, we will fully remove all information associated with your team and workspace.

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