Intwixt helps you connect and orchestrate cloud functions. We provide deep integration with AWS Lambda and Google Cloud Functions. And we support HTTP-based integration with other vendors.

By Example: AWS Lambda

1. Author Lambda Code

Author your functions as recommended by AWS. Describe the signature using standard JSDoc syntax.


2. Select a Function

The Intwixt designer supports one-step Lambda setup and will prompt you to choose which function to connect.


3. Map Function Input

We parse your JSDocs on-the-fly to generate your function signature. It's easy to map and share data between functions.

Send Lambda output to services like CloudWatch for greater insight.


4. Manage Change

We revalidate all mappings each time you update your JSDocs or choose a different Lambda version.

The designer displays configuration errors in real-time and shows you what to fix.


HTTP Cloud Functions


No spec? No problem.

We can orchestrate your cloud functions over HTTP. All we need is the URL and some sample JSON to get started.

We're passionate about serverless and provide the tools you need to be productive in minutes.

Orchestrate your serverless cloud with Intwixt