This Blog post is going to be short...and it should be. I talk a lot about Intwixt's capabilities as a bot platform, but at times I think it really shines when it comes to authoring RESTful APIs. 

In the following video, I show how to define and deploy a NoSQL data table, including a RESTful API for reading and writing searchable records to that table.  The whole process takes less than a minute to complete.  I conclude by testing the API over HTTP using our embedded Swagger Test Utility.

Defining a basic data model is effortless with Intwixt. Just enter a comma-separated list of fields. In this example, my data model will describe a Visitor, including how many times they visited. 

id, first, last, email, visit_count

Next, I add flags to let the system know which field is the primary key and which fields should be searchable. (I also add carriage returns for readability.)


Because I specify a primary key field (using the dollar sign), Intwixt will automatically provision a NoSQL data table in the background. In addition, the fields, last and email, are indexed and searchable, because I prefix them with an equals sign.


Intwixt makes it easy to define models, store data and generate RESTful APIs for reading and writing data to the embedded NoSQL data store.