Intwixt bots are designed to be composable. You're encouraged to create many smaller bots (botlets) and combine them into the final bot that ultimately interacts with your users.  You shouldn't see your bot as something static with discrete release dates. Instead, consider your bot an evolving mix of capabilities designed to serve your users.

In this blog post I want to show how to combine my Messenger Chatbot (described here) with my Weather Bot (described here).

  1. I'll prompt users for their location using the Messenger Chatbot.
  2. I'll call the Weather Bot to provide the temperature.
  3. I'll return the temperature using the Messenger Chatbot.

Request User Location

I'll begin by adding a new activity to my Messenger Chatbot. I'll request the user's location to get their latitude and longitude.

Call the Weather Bot

I'll next add an activity to call my Weather Bot. I'll provide the user's latitude and longitude as input.

Test the Combined Bots

I'll conclude by testing my changes.  I'll send a greeting to my Messenger Chatbot and send my location as prompted.

Messenger Chatbot | Combining Location and Weather

Messenger Chatbot | Combining Location and Weather


Creating and combining multiple smaller bots (botlets) is a good strategy for creating a modular, evolvable bot. Any botlet you create with Intwixt is a first-class object that can be used by any other bot to extend its capability.